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February Meeting-AGM

Members and visitors were all welcomed by Felicia Dykstra, Vice Chairman, following the AGM.  One major change was passed by members present at the AGM meeting that all future AGMs will be held at 1-30pm prior to the usual demonstration.  This has come about because many of our members are unable to spend a lengthy time away from work or family commitments and we want to ensure that as many members as possible are able to attend and have a say in the running of their club.  Chris Gibbons was presented with a Camellia plant for all her hard work and efforts on behalf of the committee and members. The annual cups were presented by President Di Jones as follows:- Novice and Newcomers 1st.                      Elaine Denham Joint runner-up Dorothy Dutton and Frances Scholes Advanced 1st.               Lorraine Dorsett Runner-up  Julie Alexander Premier 1st.               Joan Wilkinson Runner-up   Felicia Dykstra Felicia introduced our demonstrator, Beryl Cotton from Holywell, a National NAFAS demonstrator and Speaker, her tittle was,“Having The Time of Our Lives”.  Beryl gave a thoroughly entertaining afternoon, the stage was filled with glorious arrangements which we all hoped to win in the raffle

Elaine, Joan, Frances, Felicia, Lorraine


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