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January 2019 Meeting

Chairman, Liz Turner welcomed members and visitors to our afternoon meeting. She advised us of the very special demonstration by Per Benjamin from Sweden, at Crewe Lyceum on Sunday, 24 February.  Our next monthly meeting follows on from the morning AGM on the 20th at 11-30. There will be no competition. Liz introduced our afternoon demonstrator,  a well known local, Dorothy Monks.  Dorothy filled the stage with beauty and colour, all different styles of arrangements.  She also gave many useful hints and tips during her demonstration. Next month there is the annual members mechanics sale of preloved items. The members competition, ‘Spicy Little Number’ was won as follows:- Novice and New Members 1st.               Elaine Denham 2nd.             Anne Bingham-Holmes 3rd.              Dorothy Dutton Advanced.  Julie Alexander 2nd.             Lorraine Dorsett Premier.      Gill Todd 2nd.             Joan Wilkinson 3rd.              Di Jones


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