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October Meeting

Chairman, Liz Turner, welcomed members and visitors to a beautiful, sunny autumn meeting.  We were reminded to buy our tickets to the Stress Free Flowers workshop afternoon on Thursday, 28th November, all the materials  necessary will be provided, attendees just need to bring scissors, Liz advised that this year’s Christmas lunch is on Wednesday 4th December. Tickets available from the Treasurer, Linda Clowes on 01477 532266 for both of these events. Our afternoon demonstrator was the fabulous Dawn Weaver from Norley, her title was, “Artistic Licence”. Her inspiration came from various major artists, including, Van Gogh and the Dumfries based sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy. Most of the mechanics used were created by Dawn and her husband.  Every exhibit was in different coloured flowers and overall form, leading to a stunning stage display. The monthly competition was titled, “Afterglow” and won as follows:- Novice and Newcomer 1st.              Marian Downes 2nd.            Anne Bingham-Holmes 3rd.             Bernadette Kelly Intermediate 1st.              Elaine Denham Advanced 1st.              Julie Alexander 2nd.            Lorraine Dorsett Premier 1st.              Joan Wilkinson 2nd.            Mary Marshall 3rd.             Felicia Dykstra and Dorothy Monks Our next meeting on Wednesday November 20th will be the Christmas demonstration by Liz Broad and the competition titled, “Frozen”.


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